Maryland-DC QSO Party

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Welcome to the Maryland-DC QSO Party!
The MDC QSO Party is just around the corner: 8-9 August!


We will award 50 bonus points for a single contact with W3VPR only. You can make lots of contacts with W3VPR but you'll only receive the bonus points for the first contact

We are planning to operate W3VPR using Phone, Digital and CW according to the schedule below depending on propagation and availability of operators. Our primary operating effort will be on Saturday and we may operate on Sunday depending on the availability of operators. We will operate +/- 5 kHz either side of the recommended frequencies for each HF band.

Maryland-DC QSO Party Schedule

Remember, you must complete and submit a Summary Sheet with your contest log.

We're looking forward to hearing you on the air during the MDC QSO Party. Don't forget to invite your friends to join you!

Send your comments, suggestions and/or questions about the MDC QSO Party to

The Coordinator for the 2015 MDC QSO Party is Mike Watterson/K3MAW.