Maryland-DC QSO Party

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Welcome to the Maryland-DC QSO Party!
The next MDC QSO Party will be held 9-10 Aug 2014


Thank you for your support and participation in the 2013 MDC QSO Party

We're looking forward to hearing all of you on the air this year on August 9th and 10th and hopefully you'll invite a bunch of your friends to join you in the "Fun" contest.

We've made some minor changes which are effective with the 2014 QSO Party and are summarized below:

  • The Summary Sheet instructions have been updated. They include updated examples of the non-MDC and MDC Summary Sheets.
  • We have created separate Summary Sheets for MDC Stations and non-MDC Stations. If you are not operating in Maryland of the District of Columbia, you will use teh non-MDC version of the Summary Sheet.

If you have any comments, questions or recommendations about the MDC QSO Party please send them to:

The Chairman for the 2014 MDC QSO Party is Michael Watterson/K3MAW